Modifying the fat content of food

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  • Modifying the fat content of food
    • Fats are important in foods...
      • Provides flavour, texture and colour
      • Emulsifier
      • Heat transfer
        • E.g. oil in pan when cooking
    • Fats are important in the diet...
      • Warmth
      • Protection of vital organs
      • Stored for use as energy
      • For absorbing fat soluble vitamins
      • For mono and poly unsaturated fats
    • Reducing fat intake
      • Use skimmed milk
      • Use low fat spread (Flora)
      • Use reduced fat cheese (in moderation)
      • Eat baked or 'salt your own' crisps
      • Eat Quorn, a healthier source of protein
      • Low fat ready made products
    • 'Fat replacers'
      • Helps the food industry to keep up with consumer demand for lower fat products
      • The ideal fat replacer
        • Functionally similar to fat
        • Have the same mouth-feel
        • Be toxicologically safe to humans
        • Readily available at a price similar to fat
        • Void of unwanted side-effects


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