modern/smart materials for textiles

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  • modern/smart materials
    • plastic
    • metals
      • wire
      • chain
      • knitted
    • Microfibre
      • Woven polyester
      • lightweight soft good drape breathable shower-proof
    • Polar fleece
      • brushed polyester warp knit
      • lightweight soft breathable    warm
    • Gore-Tex
      • Laminated membrane
      • breathable lightweight waterproof
    • Micro-encapsulated
      • Different micro-capsules embedded in the fibre or fabric
      • gives off an aromatic scent can reduce body odour can provide vitamins or reduce skin irritation
    • Heat sensitive
      • Thermochromic
      • Micro-encapsulated dye can change colour in response to heat (lasts for 5-10 washes)
    • Light sensitive
      • Photochromic dyes
      • Smart pigments change colour in response to sunlight


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