Modernity, Globalisation, Post-Modernity

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  • Modernity, Globalisation and Post-Modernity.
    • Globalisation
      • many sociologists say we are increasing affected by globalisation
      • We live in one independent "global village" wherre out lives are shped by global framework
      • 4 related changes have brought the glbal village about.
        • 1.) technology changes
        • 2.)Economic chnages
        • 3.)Political changes
        • 4.) Culture and identity changes
      • Do we need new theories to understand todays society?   Can we still use the enlightenment project to improve society?
    • Post Modernism
      • Post modernist say we are now living in an era of post modernity.
      • Post modernist say society is unstable, fragmented & media saturated
      • Says that modernity theories no longer apply as society has had a fundamental break.
      • Baudrillard - there is no true 'knowledge' There is a sense of hyper-reality. Life is now so complex & surreal that it is impossible to distinguish reality from imagery.
        • The media is to blame for this.
        • Social class and gender no longer define us. Pick and mix identities.
      • Critisisms
      • The Enlightenment project!
    • Late Modernity
      • Giddens - we are living in a late-modern stage rather than a radical post-modern stage.
      • says no we can still use knowledge taken from the Enlightenment project to improve human world!
      • Giddens says there are two key features of late modernity: Reflexivity and Disembedding
        • Disembedding- In today's society we no longer need face-to-face contact- Interaction has become much less personal.
        • We take control over our lives and continue to try and improve things
      • Beck agrees with Giddens but also says that todays late modern society is a risk society as it faces different types of dangers.
    • Marxist theories of Post-modernity
      • The same as Giddens and Beck
      • They believe that the enlightenment project can still be used to achieve objective knowledge and improve society- working class revolutions overthrow capitalist society.


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