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  • Modernism
    • 1910-1930 was the period of high modernism
    • Came about because things changed in the 20th century
      • The war
      • Karl Marx
        • Break down of class systems
      • Scientific advances
        • Theory by Charles Darwin
    • Hard to understand (like life)
    • Showed change in the way we see people
      • People aren't as straight foreward as they seem to be in realism
        • People are complex
    • Narrative
      • Realism
        • Linear narrative
          • "show"
      • Modernism
        • Spacial narrative
          • Stream of consciousness
            • "tell"
        • Epiphany
        • Unreliable narrator
          • People are complex therefore narrator cannot be omniscient
            • Down to individual point of view


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