Modern Virtue ethics

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  • Modern Virtue Ethics
    • Allistair Macintyre- Claims that ethical theories just result in ethical disagreements.He argues that moral statements are neither true nor false but simply express the attitudes of the speaker. Therfore it is more important to focus on what makes a virtuous person rather than a virtuous action. He comes up with the boo-hoorah theory.
    • G.E.M Anscombe- Asks whether there can be any moral laws if there is no God and so suggests that we all aim for eudamonia. She feels that act based morality is not good as it ignored the person who acts.
    • Rosalind hursthouse - She agrees that virtues are virtues because they help someone achieve eudamonia
    • Phillipa Foot- Recognised the importance of a persons own reasoning in the practice of virtue. She also claims that virtues lead to  human flourishing


Niki Kalhan


I may be wrong but is there a chance you're confusing Alasdair Macintyre with AJ Ayer? Ayer came up with the Boo/Hurrah Theory, I think



This needs to be edited as it's misleading. Ayer created the Boo/Hurrah Theory, and may be confusing for other students...

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