Modern Liberalism

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  • Modern Liberalism
    • Human Nature
      • Humans are rational
      • Optimistic, people are good.
      • Best judge of their own actions.
      • Society provides optimum conditions for individuals to develop.
    • Individualism  Supremacy of the individual over any collective body.
      • Methodological individualism:Humans are separate/unique creatures
      • Ethical individualism:Moral priority to needs/rights of individuals. Society should meet needs of individuals.
      • Developmental individualism:Personal growth and flourishing. Property directed state  intervention.
    • Rationalism
      • Knowledge flows from reason not experience.
      • Helps bring progress and reform as humans are emancipated from the past.
      • Opposed to custom and tradition
      • Highlights the importance of debate.
    • Toleration (Forebearance)
      • Political, religious, cultural and moral.
      • All views have some truth.
      • Accept ideas even if disapprove.
      • Sets rules for behaviour
      • Promotes debate and argument which is the only way truth cab be brought about
      • Positive toleration - celebration of diversity.
      • Negative toleration - Live and let live.
    • Freedom Ability to act as please.
      • Political, economic, social freedom = human necessities.
      • Positive freedom: freedom for individual to game benefit and achieve identifiable goals.
        • Imposes obligations on others to enable individuals to gain benefits,


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