Euthanasia (Morality 7)

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  • Modern example
    • For an example of how the law is complex due to morals we look at euthanasia which is currently illegal in the UK.
      • The law doesn't except euthanasia as a defence to murder, however there have been several cases fighting for this and in a recent survey 80% of people were in favour of a change to the law.
    • One example of this is Tony Nicklinson who had 'locked in syndrome'
      • He wanted to have the right to die, however the Supreme Court declined to make a change in the law because there is no consensus of euthanasia.
  • Positivists opinions of Euthanasia
    • Positivists would argue that allowing a person to die when they choose should be allowed as it does not harm others
  • Natural law theorists opinions of Euthanasia
    • Natural law theorists would oppose to it as they believe that the sanctity of life should be protected in all circumstances and that to allow euthanasia would be the thin edge of the wedge and may lead to some people's lives being viewed as less valuable than others.


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