Modern Disease

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  • Modern: Disease
    • Paul Ehrlich
      • 1909- developed first chemical cure for disease.
        • Named 'the magic bullet', Salvarsan 606- cured syphilis by only attacking diseased cells, without harming healthy ones.
    • Alexander Fleming
      • 1928- Penicillin
        • Fleming left several plates of germs on a bench. He accidentally left one of the lids off and the window open. When he came back, there was a large blob of mould in one dish and germs by it had been killed.
          • Released findings later- natural antiseptic. If he had injected an infected animal, development would've advanced quicker.
    • Florey and Chain
      • Begun to make penicillin and tested on 8 mice. Next test was on human, but 3000 times more was needed.
        • Alexander had used many failed drugs, but when he used penicillin, the infection began to clear. After 5 days, it ran out and he died but progress was noted.
          • American govt. provided $80 million to fund research when they entered the war.
    • New Treatments
      • 1987: MRI scanning widely used to monitor brain activity.
        • Detect brain tumours and stroke damage.
      • 1958: First pacemaker fitted in Sweden
      • 1952: First kidney transplant carried out
      • 1968: First British heart transplant
        • Papworth Hospital
    • DNA discovery
      • 1953: Francis Crick and James Watson.


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