Modern Developments in Working Practice

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  • Modern Developments in Working Practice
    • Hot Desking
      • Hot desking is when the employees do not have their own desk, but are given work space to use according to the needs of the task they are working on
      • The type of employees that use hot desking are the ones that spend a lot of time outside the business visiting customers or working from home
      • Benefits of hot desking are that it reduces costs and the business can use the space the employee would have taken up
    • Teleworking
      • Teleworking is whens someone outside the business uses mobile devices and the internet to get in touch with people within the business
      • Benefits are that there are time to concentrate on specific projects or reports, there may be less distraction and fewer demands on the employee travelling time is reduced or elimiinated which saves time and money, there is less need for formal clothing
      • It can be very lonely and employees might find it hard to become motivated, there are many distractions that allow the individual to put off starting work, less distinction between home and work, other people such as friends or relatives ay visit duriing working hours
    • Job Sharing
      • Job sharing allows two employees to divide the working week between them according to the share they have agreed


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