Models of Representation

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  • Models of Representation
    • Delegate model
      • Constituents elect representatives for their constituency. It is a key feature of representative democracy.
        • MPs generally do this quite well, unless constituents' views don't match the party's eg: HS2
    • Mirror model (Social representation)
      • Parliament should mirror the social make up of the UK
        • Parliament doesn't do this very well. In 2010, 23% of MPs were female, compared to 52% of the population. 4% of MPs were ethnic minorities (18% of the population).
    • Mandate model (Party label)
      • Almost all MPs are elected to a party label, so they have the responsibility of the mandate (ie to fulfil the pledges made in the manifesto)
        • Parliament does this well. MPs are often referred to as 'lobby fodder'. Discipline is upheld by whips and PM patronage. Those in the cabinet tend to do this better due to collective responsibility


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