Moby ~ Why does my heart feel so bad? from Play, 1999.

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  • Moby ~ Why does my heart feel so bad? from Play, 1999.
    • Structure
      • Intro, bars 1-8
      • Verse, bars 9-40
      • Chorus, bars 41-48
      • Verse 2, bars 57-72
      • Break, bar 73
      • Chorus, bars 74-97
      • Outro, bars 98-105
    • Melody
      • There are two vocal samples from a gospel choir, both in A minor.
      • The samples are simple and looped
      • Sample A is a male and sings the verse. Sample B is a female and sings the chorus.
      • The vocal melody for 'Why does my heart feel so bad?' ascends and descends reflecting a rise and fall in the voice.
      • The piano melody is very repetitive.
    • Dynamics
      • There are not many dynamics in this piece.
      • The dynamics are mostly f.
      • The individual parts are mostly the same volume
      • The dynamics are controlled by the number of parts playing
    • Texture
      • There is contrast in the texture.
      • The texture is mainly HOMOPHONIC.
      • The texture breaks down to just the first sample accompanied by a soft synth pad playing chord sequence 1
      • The texture builds gradually throughout the intro and first verse.
      • Texture suddenly thins out when the chorus comes back for the second time
    • Tonality and harmony
      • The harmony is diatonic
      • There are suspended chords (Sus2 and Sus4)
      • This piece is in A minor
      • The chorus sounds as if it's in C major (relative of A minor)


Samuel Richardson


A nicely presented mindmap here with some descriptive points on Moby's 'Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad'. 

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