Moby (Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad( Mind Map

Mind Map note on the moby piece. hope it helps :D

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  • Moby-'Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad'
    • Harmony
      • Diatonic, made up of 3 chord progressions- 8 bars long
      • 1st sample set to chord sequence Am, Em, G, D
      • 2nd Sample 2 different harmonies 1st-C, Am, C, Am then to chords F, C, F, C
    • Tonality
      • Is in A minor
    • Instruments
      • Roland TR909 Drum machine- Drums 
      • Yamaha SPX990 multi-effects unit-applies reverb and delay to the samples/track  
      • Emu performance piano sound module- piano                                  
      • Roland Juno 106- creates Synth bass sounds 
      • Yamaha SY85& SY22 Synthesiser - create Synth pad/ Strings sound. 
      • Akai S3200 Sampler- Samples and edits vocal sounds from original edits
    • Melody
      • 2 samples taken from a 1953 gospel choir
      • Both samples have been manipulated to change the meanings of the words
      • 1st sample is a male voice used for verses,                                       -2nd sample female voice used in choruses
    • Structure
      • Is in verse- chorus structure
      • Samples are looped to create verses & choruses
      • After 2nd verse there is 1 bar breakdown
      • Repeat of chorus- unexpected tell us that song is going to end
    • Texture
      • Texture is built up as tracks are introduced 1 by 1
      • A1- piano only
      • A2- voice enters
      • A3- Drums + string synths ente
      • A4- bass + Synth chords enters
      • A5- Syncopated Piano Chords
      • After the pause (A7) the chorus texture is thinner as no piano or percussion is playing
    • Rhythm
      • Syncopation used on piano, vocals & synthesised string parts
      • Rhythms are varied between sections to provide contrast. Piano pattern changes- more syncopated, static chords appear in the 2nd chorus.
      • The drum loop when it enters is made up of a sample from a hip-hop track- bass drum plays on 1 & 3 beat, snare on 2&4
    • Features
      • recorded live, hasn’t edited out background noises- adds to texture,
      • Electronic features
        • , loops, panning, reverb, delay
    • Metre/Tempo
      • Has a steady tempo on 98bpm
      • 4/4


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