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  • Mitosis
    • There are several stages of mitosis, these occur after interphase...
      • Prophase - spindles form, and nuclear envelope begins to break apart, spindles attach to the chromosomes
        • Metaphase- chromosomes line up at the metaphase plate
          • Anaphase- pulls chromatids to opposite poles of the cell
            • Telophase - nuclear envelopes form again around the opposite poles, forming 2 nuclei with identical genes
              • Cytokineisis - the cytoplasm phsically divides and forms 2 genetically identical cells
  • Interphase is split into 3 sections, G1, S and G2.
    • G1
      • Cell grows and organelles replicate
      • Synthesis (S)
        • DNA replication occurs
        • G2
          • Cell continues to grow again


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