Mitosis OCR Alevel

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  • Mitosis
    • 1. pro-phase
      • - Chromosomes super coil  and are now visible under a light microscope
        • Dna becomes inactive as chromosomes condense
      • sister chromatides join together by a centermere
      • nucleoli shrinks and disappears from sight
      • centrioles divide into two and each daughter centriole to the opposite poles of the cell while forming spindle fibres
    • 2. Metaphase
      • Chromosomes move to the equator of the cell
        • place of alinement is called the meta-phase plate
      • Microtubles attached  to the centrioles attach to the centromeres
    • 3. Ana-phase
      • sister chromatids are drawn apart by opposite poles
        • separation brought by the shortening of the centrioles and the elongating of the pole to pole microtubles
      • once separated they are known as daughter chromosomes


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