Biology chapter 14

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  • Mitosis
    • The division of two daughter cells which have the exact same dna produced, except in mutation
      • The Importance of Mitosis
        • Growth
          • All the cells that come from the original must have the same genetic information in  order to engage with cell growth and division
        • Differentiation
          • This split allows to create specialised tissues, as the cells produced are all identical and perform an identical function, which is essential for nspecialised toissues to work effectively
        • Repair
          • It is important that cells of identical structure are used as to replace those cells that have been lost
    • Process
      • Interphase
        • This periods involves the replicating of DNA, synthesis of protiens
      • Prophase
        • Chromosomes become visible and nuclear envelope disintergrates
      • Metaphase
        • Cells arrange themselves at the centre of the cell, spindles form at the poles
      • Telophase
        • Chromatids reach poles and become indistinct, nuclear envelope reforms, nucleolus and two new cells are formed
      • Anaphase
        • Spindle fibres attach to the chromatids and pull them appart


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