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  • Mitosis
    • Prophase
      • Nuclear Membane breaks down.
        • Centrioles move to poles - Make Spindle Fibres
          • Chromosomes condense (fold)& become visable
            • Chromosomes made of 2 chromatids
    • Metaphase
      • Centrioles Complete spindle fibres
        • Chromosomes attatches to S. Fibres
    • Anaphase
      • S. Fibres Conract & pull back to poles
        • This means they pull on centromere which splits
          • Sister Chromatids pulled to opp poles.
    • Telophase
      • Nuclear Membrane starts to reform around each chromosome set.
        • Chromosome unwinds- becomes visable
      • Cytoplasm divides after ; Forming 2 daughter cells = Cytokenisis


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