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  • Mitosis
    • makes new cells for growth and Repair
    • Mitosis is when a cell reproduces itself by splitting to form identical offspring
    • When a body cel divides to make identical cells- same number of chromosomes
    • 1.When a cells not dividing the DNA is in long strings
    • 2.When it gets a signal- the Dna duplicates. Form X-shaped chromosomes. Each arm is an exact duplicate of the other
    • 3.The chromosomes line up  at the center and fibre paticles pull the apart. Each arm goes to the opposite end
    • 4.Membranes form around each set and become the nuclei of the two cells
    • 5.The cytoplasm divides
    • Asexual reproduction uses mitosis-e.g strawberry plants form runners in this way to become new plants


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