Stages Of Mitosis

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  • Mitosis
    • Prophase
      • DNA in chromosmes are packaged
      • Chromosomes shorten and thicken
      • Each chromosome has two chromatids
      • The nuclear envelope breaks up
      • Centrioles move to opposite ends of the cell to make the poles
    • Metaphase
      • Chromosmes come to the middle
      • Centrioles organise microtubules into the spindle
      • Chromosomes are attatched to the spindle at the centromere
    • Anaphase
      • Chromatids break away at the centromere and are pulled to the poles by the spindle
      • Chromatids once seperated are now chromosomes
    • Telophase
      • Nuclear envelope reforms around each group of chromosomes at either end of the cell
      • The chromosmes uncoil
    • Interphase
      • Followed by telophase in which Dna replicates again if the cell is going to divide again


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