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  • mitosis
    • produces 2 daughter cells which are clones of parents and each other
    • 1. interphase
      • before mitosis starts
      • 2. prophase
        • chromosomes visible; centrioles move to poles; spindle fibres develop
        • 3. metaphase
          • chromosomes line up on equator; spindles attach to centromere
          • 4. anaphase
            • spindles pull chromotids apart; centromeres divide; move towards pole
            • 5. telephase
              • chromatids are at opposite poles; nuclear envelope develops
              • 6. cytokenisis
                • cytoplasm divides
    • cancer
      • normally when cells have divided enough times to make new cells they stop
      • if there's a mutation in a gene that controls cell division, the cells grow out of control
        • they form a  tumour that invades surrounding tissue
    • 2n = diploid
      • n = haploid
      • 2n during start of interphase and cytokenisis
      • >2n during DNA replication (end of interphase)
      • 4n during mitosis


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