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  • Mitosis
    • Prometaphase
      • kinetochores assemble at centromeres and attach at kinetochores to connect centromere to centrioles
    • Telophase
      • chromosomes decondense, spindle fibres disperse
    • Prophase
      • chromosome condense, nuclear envelope disappears
      • centrosomes move to opposite sides of cell, spindle forms
    • Cytokinesis
      • Animals
        • constriction belt of actin microfilament around equator of cell, cleavage furrow forms, splits cell in two
      • Plants
        • formation of new cell wall/cell plate, DNA becomes non-visable back to chromatin
    • Metaphase
      • chromosomes lined up an equator of spindle, centrosomes at opposite ends of cell
    • Anaphase
      • centromeres separate, chromosomes pulled to opposite poles of cell by spindle fibres
    • Interphase
      • G1 period
        • 90% of cell life spent here, cell performs normal functions
      • S period
        • DNA is duplicated, centrosome duplicates itself
      • G2 period
        • cell prepares to divide, chromosomes not visible


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