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  • Mitochondria
    • Matrix
      • Contains enzymes for Link Reaction and Krebs Cycle
      • Both Link Reaction and Krebs Cycle occur here
      • Also contains: NAD, Oxaloacetate (for Krebs Cycle), mitochondrial DNA and mitochondrial ribosomes
    • All respiration processes occur here, except Glycolysis
    • Inner Mitochondrial Membrane
      • Folds into cristae to increase surface area- active cells have more cristae
      • Oxidative Phosphorylation occurs here
      • Phospholipid bilayer (different lipid composition to outer membrane)
      • Has stalked particles (ATP synthase) used for oxidative phosphorylation
    • Outer Mitochondrial Membrane
      • Phospholipid Bilayer
      • Contains proteins forming channels/ carriers for molecules e.g. pyruvate
      • Controls substances between intermembrane space and cytoplasm of cell


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