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  • Mise-en-scene
    • Symbolic
      • Lighting & Colour
        • When Barry flashes back 14 years ago, the background looks warmer
        • The background looks colder as we taken back to the present day
      • Positioning
        • When the red blur moves across the city, it moves in an erratic way throughout
        • As Barry's mother is about to be killed, she is circled by a streak of light
      • Setting
        • Set in the fictional city of Central City
      • Facial Expressions
        • Barry and both his parents are astonished and filled with fear of what is going to happen to Barry's mother
        • Barry is shown to have anxious look on his face when we first see him in the present day
    • Written
      • Emphasis of words
        • At the beginning of the episode, Barry puts emphasis on the words 'believe' and 'impossible'
        • Throughout the episode, he puts emphasis on 'I'm fine', 'fastest', 'running' and 'impossible'
        • Choice of words
          • These words really describe how Barry is now as the Flash
            • Throughout the episode, he puts emphasis on 'I'm fine', 'fastest', 'running' and 'impossible'
      • The text  is usually tilted like it is speeding
    • Technical
      • Camera Angles
        • ECU when we see that it is Barry running across the city
        • Aerial Shot of the city at the very beginning of the show


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