Miscarriages of Justice 4

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  • Miscarriages of Justice 4- The Birmingham 6
    • Who?
      • Richard Mcllkenny
      • John Walker
      • Gerry Hunter
      • Hugh Callghan
      • Billy Power
      • Patrick Hill
    • What??
      • 21/11/74 Walker, Mcllkenny, Hunter, Power and Hill arrested
        • Subjected to Greiss test for explosives
          • Nitro-glycerine allegedly found of Power and Hill's hands
            • Dr Skuse tells police- 99% sure both had recently handled commercial explosives
              • Beaten by police, pressure exerted, kept awake for long spells
                • Power confesses and implicates others as well as Callaghan
                  • Callaghan is arrested and confesses
                    • Hill and Hunter make no incriminating statements
                      • Confessions allowed at trial despite manner in which they are aquired
                        • All sentenced to life
    • Then What?
      • 1985 World in Action presents evidence to challenge Dr Skuse's forensic findings
        • 1987- CoA hears appeal- 1. Forensic evidence no longer valid  2. Unreliable and involuntary confessions
          • Appeal dismissed
      • 1990: new enquiry established- police had fabricated evidence and beat confessions out of 4 of them
        • 1991- convictions quashed
    • West Midlands Serious Crime Squad
      • Founded in 1974
      • 1985 complaints prompted investigation by Metropolitan Police
      • Hay Report- criticised squad's interviewing techniques, failure to properly use pocket books and the amount of time that officers were allowed to remain with the unit
      • At least 30 convictions quashed by the CoA because the squad fabricated evidence, tortured suspects and wrote false confessions


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