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  • EWT
    • Loftus + Palmer 1974
      • experiment 1
        • Aim- investigate the impact of misleading info on the accuracy of EWT
        • procedure- 45 students(opportunity), shown 7 videos, asked to describe event with one specific question. one work different for each of five conditions.
        • findings- smashed,40.8 contacted, 31.8
          • conclusion- different verb conveyed car was going faster to influence their response
    • anxiety
      • Loftus-1979
        • aim- study the affects of anxiety on accuracy of EWT.
        • procedure- lab,participants in waiting room, overheard talk about equipment failure, man left with pen. asked to identify the man.
          • overheard heated discussion , heard smashing glass, man left with knife covered in blood.
        • findings- 49% identified the man with the pen and 33% identified the man with the knife.
        • conclusion- higher levels of anxiety in the knife condition. weapon focus effect,
    • Cognitive interview
      • 4 parts- recall everything, recall from a different perspective, recall in a different order and recall context + emotion
        • reduced witness' use of prior knowledge , expectation or schema
      • Geiselman et al (1985)
        • aim- to investigate the effectiveness of the cognitive interview
        • procedure- participants watched a film of violent crime after 48 hours interviewed using one of three methods.
          • three method of interview- standard interview used by LA police, cognitive interview and interview using hypnosis
        • findings- average number of correctly recalled events for CI = 41.2, hypnosis =38 and standard interview = 29.4. no significant difference in number of errors in recall
        • conclusion- CI leads to better memory for events, with witness' able to recall more relevant info.
  • Mis-leading info


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