Mirror Storage Unit

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  • Mirror Storage Unit
    • Storage
      • My product will have a number of segmented compartments to optimise performance
    • Safety
      • My product will be safe to use. It will feature a acrylic mirror, so it doesn't shatter easily. It must have no rough or sharp areas. It must also be finished with non toxic products.
    • Appearance
      • The appearance of my product will appeal to modern teenagers and make objects stored in an attractive way.
    • Cost
      • I would cost £25-£55
    • Function
      • I would he able to store at least 10 objects. Able to store small/extra items in a central area.
    • Size
      • It should be 450mm (height) x 450mm (width)
    • Sustainability
      • My product needs to sustain its function and design. In addition it must be healthy/safe for costumers. It must be economically viable. And also benefit the environment


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