Miracles- Jewish expectations

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  • Miracles- Jewish expectations
    • old testament contains miraculous deeds.
      • Joseph' dreams
      • Moses- 10 plagues
      • Moses crossing the red sea
      • Joshua- destroying the walls of Jericho
    • Many miracle stories from Greek & Jewish culture
      • In Greek culture Magus existed- they used spells
      • Some (bultmann) have suggested that stories of Greek miracles were a tribute to Jesus
      • The Gods walk abroad so commonly in our streets that it is easier to meet a God than a man
    • Miracles seem to not be uncommon in the 1st century context
      • Miracles would have been evidence for many that, that person was supernaturallyspecial
      • Hasidim- Jewish holy men who healed the sick
      • The fact that Jesus performed miracles didn't surprise anyone; however the nature +extent of his miracles amazed and confused people


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