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  • Miracles
    • An Event (sometimes supernatural)that goes against laws of nature and science which must be intervenanceof God.
    • Healing
    • Exorcisms
    • Miracles over Nature
    • Raising the Dead
    • Jesus feeds 5000
    • Burning Bush
    • Miracle on the Rough Seas
    • Jesus heals a man with demons
    • Lazarus' Ressurection
    • Why?
      • To show power - omnipotence
      • To reveal himself to humanity
      • To show compassion
      • To challenge the unbeliever
    • Facts to unprove Miracles
      • There is no God
      • They can be explained using science and psycology
      • Only happened in biblical times


Patricia English


Useful but there is no such word as intervenance and psychology is spelt wrong.  I am trying to edit but it will not allow me to do this, very annoying as I would like to use it.

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