Mind map on Miracles including examples and purposes of Miracles

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  • Miracles
    • Old Testament
      • Moses and the Exodus - Plague sent to the Egyptians, receiving 10 commandments and Parting of the Red sea
    • New Testament
      • Miracles of Jesus widely documented - Healing leapers, walking on water and water into wine
    • Modern Miracles
      • A child is saved from being hit on a level crossing because the driver had a heart attack and the train automatically stopped
        • Although this is perfectly explainable, the Mum believed it was an act of God
    • Resurrection of Jesus
      • Central miracle of the Bible
      • Acted as the savior for mankind
      • Have to believe in physical resurrection
      • 'If Christ had not been raised, then our preaching has been in vain, and your faith has been in vain' (1 Corinthians 15:14)
    • Purpose
      • Show God's Imminence
      • Signs to God's goodness and power
      • Point to nature of Jesus
      • Encourage Belief in Religion
    • How are Miracles understood?
      • Dismissed by some Christians as science advances
      • Myths of the early Church (Bultmann)


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