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  • Miracles
    • Laws of nature
      • Our universe follows the laws of nature, we expect things to happen a certain way.
      • E.g If i put my hand into a fire, i will get burnt.
    • Lourdes
      • France Bernadette saw a vision of the Virgin Mary. A holy spring then appeared at the site. The water was said to have healing powers.
      • Lourdes has around 6 millions people visit a year.
    • Happy coincidences
      • Don't break the laws of nature
      • Hollands train track
      • Mother views as a miracle.
    • Hume
      • A miracle is a violation of the laws of nature.
      • A miracle would contradict out experience of the world and how it works.
      • If a person believes in a miracle they are either being 'deceived' (Lied to) or 'deceiving' (Lying).
    • Placebo effect
      • It is due to a persons expectation.
      • If a person thinks pill/prayer will work, it may.
    • Christian veiws
      • Believe humans can perform Miracles, but only through Gods working.
      • Some people believe jesus could perform miracles because he was God on earth in human form
    • Muslim veiws
      • Also believe that humans can perform miracles, but only through Allah's working.
      • Only Allah ca  perform miracles. But may be through closest profit.


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