Minority Influence

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  • Minority Influence
    • Social Change
      • when a whole society adopts a new belief or way of behaving which then becomes widely accepted
      • drawing attention to the issue
        • creates conflict and motivation
      • the role of conflict
        • consequences of conflict
      • the augmentation principle
        • risks involved
      • consistency
        • inter
          • members of minority group must be consistent whithin themselves - all relaying the same message
        • intra
          • individual must be consistent actoss time
        • Woods (1994)
          • meta-analysis, studies of minority influence
    • a form of social influence where people reject the established norm of the majority of group members and move to the position of the minority
    • Moscovici (1969)
      • 6 participants
      • 36 slides
        • estimated the color of the slides
          • 6 participants
        • different shades of blue
      • 2 confederates
      • consistent conditions
        • saying all slides are green
          • 2 confederates
        • participants called slides green in 8% of trials
        • 32% called a slide green at least once
      • inconsistent conditions
        • some slides are green, some slides are blue
          • participants called the slides green in only 1% of trials
        • minority influence can affect majority
        • consistent conditions mean people are more likely to conform to the minority influence
        • evaluation
          • lacks ecological validity
            • participants being asked to estimate color of 36 slides
              • not real life situation, normally minority focus on bringing about social influence on issue/action/behavior that is significant, has meaning and involves moral reasoning as apposed to meaningless physical judgement - difficult to generalize this research to real life examples of minority influence
          • extraneous variables
            • perception of color
              • individual differences, results could be due to perception as opposed to minority influence
      • conversion process
      • minority provide innovation, new ideas and information
      • Nelson Mandela
      • Rosa Parks
      • Gandhi
      • Suffragettes
      • Rosenstrasse WWII


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