Minority Groups in Nazi Germany

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  • Minority Groups in Nazi Germany
    • Gypsies
      • Gypsies seen as undesirable because they were not Aryan and thought to be workshy
      • Only 30,000 in Germany
      • In 1935, marriages between gypsies and Aryans were banned
      • In 1938, a decree for the 'Struggle against the Gypsy Plague' was issued
        • Forced gypsies to register so they could be controlled
    • Vagrants
      • Beggars
      • Men moving from town to town trying to find work
      • Young people who had left home
      • The Nazis forced these groups to work
      • In 1938, the ** put around 11,000 vagrants in concentration camps
    • Black People
      • Black people seen as lower class as they were not pure Germanic race
      • The Nuremburg Laws, 1935, banned marriage between Aryans and black people.
      • Nazis sterilised children who were born to German women by black soldiers who had been stationed in the Rhineland
    • Mentally Ill
      • Thought it was hereditary
      • Punished those who were mentally ill


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