Minority Influence

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  • Minority Influence
    • AO1
      • Moscovici's Study
        • Aim
          • Investigate effects of consistent minority on majority
          • Conducted a re-run of Asch's experiment but in reverse
            • Placed 2 confederates with 4 genuine ps
            • Ps given eye-test to ensure they weren't colourblind
        • Procedure
          • 36 slides which were clearly different shades of blue
          • 1st part: 2 confederates answered green - consistent
          • 2nd part: answered green 24, blue 12 - inconsistent
        • Results
          • 1: consistent - 8.42% influenced to say green, inconsistent - 1.25% green
        • Conclusion
          • Minorities can influence majority, not all the time - only when behaving in certain ways
        • Criticism
          • Lab experiment - lack eco validity
            • Artifiial task, doesn't relate to real incidences
      • Characteristics of a persuasive minority
        • Consistency
          • Unchanging in beliefs and behaviour
          • Demonstrates confidence and commitment to their ideas
          • E.g. gay marriage - kept trying to get it legal
        • Flexibility
          • Minorities must be able to show a moderate, cooperative and reasonable attitude
          • Rigid and uncompromising minorities aren't successful
          • Must be able to show compromise
          • E.g. only allowed to smoke in certain places
        • Commitment
          • Sacrifice
          • Shows the majority just how much they believe in its cause
          • Must show resistance to social pressures and willing to make sacrifices
          • E.g. Kaepernick didn't stand up during national anthem
    • AO3
      • Nemeth
        • Minority group's influence on majority can be delayed
        • Takes longer for minority group to change views of majority
        • Can be some time before they see a change in the views and behaviour of the majority


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