minority influence

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  • Minority Influence
    • Minority Influence is a form of social influence where a small group or an individual to change their belief,
    • Minority Influence is most likely to lead to internalisation
    • Moscovici investigated minority influence
    • There are three main concepts for minority influence 'Flexibility' 'Consistency' & 'Commitment'
    • Consistency
      • Consistency in minorities views increases the amount of interest from other people, which may make people rethink their own views
    • Commitment
      • Minorities may engage in quiet extreme activities to draw attention to their views, these activities must be at risk to demonstrate commitment known as the augmentationprinciple
    • Flexibility
      • Being extreme rally consistent can be seen as rigid, which is off-putting so the minority need to be prepared to adapt their views and accept reasonable counter-arguments
    • Process of Change
      • Over time, increasing numbers of people switch from the majority to the minority position, the more this happens the faster the rate of conversion, called the snowball effect and gradually the minority view becomes the majority


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