Minor Forms

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  • Minor Forms of Extrusive Activity
    • Geysers
      • Water heated by volcanic activity is intermittently discharged of water
      • Ejected as a turbulent eruption of water and vapour
      • Water is above boiling point
      • E.G. Old Faithful// Geysir
    • Hot Springs
      • The emergence of geothermal heated groundwater from the earths crust
      • Occur where temperature is below boiling point
      • E.G. Blue Lagoon, Iceland
    • Boiling mud
      • Heat water mixes with surface deposits
    • Solfatara
      • Small volcanic areas without cones produced by gases escaping from surface
      • E.G. Rotorua, New Zealand
    • Pools
      • Hot springs that have enough water comes to surface to keep the fluid form entirely boiling away and carry away mud and debris
      • Water is near to boiling point and therefore little grows
      • Colour of pools occur due to the water being so clear and refracts like a prism


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