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      • Ostinato; motifs which are repeated
      • Interlocking, repeated patterns
      • Diatonic harmonies; notes that belong to a key
    • STEVE REICH - Electric Counterpoint
      • Composed in 1987
      • Movement 3: in 3/2  = 12 quavers
      • Contrapuntal
      • Note addition
      • Phasing; the theme is heard at different parts in the bar by different parts
      • Tonal ambiguity; the key is not certain
      • Broken chords
      • Riff of quavers on live guitar
        • Syncopated
        • Later joined by the other guitars - canon
          • Rhythmic displacement; they join in different beats of the bar
      • G major
      • SOLO
        • 3 chord pattern; C, B min & E min
          • Cuts across the other guitars creating a cross rhythm
            • Cross rhythm; the effect of two conflicting rhythms heard at the same time


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