The Problem of the Mind and Body

Mind map outlining the general ideas.

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  • Mind and Body
    • The Problem
      • How the immaterial mind and material body interact
        • Immaterial and immortal mind which can also be seen as the soul.
        • Physical body that occupies space.
    • Dualism
      • The idea that both the mind and body exist
      • Theories of how they are able to interact.
        • Parallelism
          • Occasionalism
          • Pre-Established Harmony
    • Monism
      • Idea that only one of the two entities exist.
      • Materialism- Only the physical exists
        • Behaviourism
      • Only the mental exists
        • Idealism
    • Life After Death
      • Ressurection
        • Materialist Monist
        • Christian
      • Reincarnation
        • Hindu
        • Believes in the Atman rather than the soul
        • Dualistic
      • Rebirth
        • Buddhist
        • Dualistic but can be thought of Monistic
        • Form of an Atman
      • Immortality of the Soul
        • Christian
        • Dualistic/Idealism
    • Qualia
      • Consciousness


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