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  • Arousal Theories
    • Drive Theory
      • arousal is proportional to performance
        • As arousal increases so should performance.
      • quality of performance is dependant on how well the skill is learnt
      • As arousal increases dominant responses often occur.
      • High physical capability sports back this theory up.
    • Inverted U-Theory
      • As arousal increases so does performance until a certain point.
        • this point is called the optimum
      • If arousal is low so is performance
      • Too much arousal will result in a poorer performance.
      • At medium arousal levels, sporting performance peaks. This can be described as optimal arousal and might be experienced when a boxer gets themselves in the right 'zone' to perform at their best.
    • Catastrophe theory
      • highlights the relationship between cognitive and somatic arousal
      • as somatic arousal increases performance will as well provided cognitive arousal stays low.
      • if cognitive arousal and somatic arousal are both too high a performer will experience a catastrophe.
      • If after this catastrophic effect, arousal decreases, then performance will once again improve but not back to its originally optimum level.


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