Mind Body and Soul

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  • Mind Body and Soul
    • Plato
      • Dualist- body + soul seperate
      • Analogy of the two horses and the charioteer. Charioteer (reason aka soul) controlling horses (emotion and appetite aka body)
      • Soul previously existed in the world of the forms
      • Evidence- opposites bc life comes from death and death from life. A priori knowledge from world of forms
    • Descartes
      • Substance Dualism- mental mind and body can be separated.
        • Weakness- mental is physical- brain
      • Mind is not extended in time and space, but the body is
      • Indivisibility- mind is not divisable, body is bc extention
      • Realms are physical and mental
        • Weakness- pineal gland contains two realms, so disproves this
      • Ryles challenge- distinction between body and mind is false, no mind/ghost in the body/machine. Person is bodymind not body and mind
    • Materialism
      • Dawkins- all matter
        • Rejects dualism- no empirical evidence
      • Redductionist- everything can be reduced to physicality
      • Conciousness is a mystery but future will tell
      • Rejects soul one bc its a primitive superstition. Not two bc is can be proven through science and empirical evidence
      • Grand Unified Theory- assumption that science will discover the answers to concoiusness eventually
        • Weaknesses- relies too heavily on the fact that in the future theories will be proven
          • Dawkins- all matter
            • Rejects dualism- no empirical evidence
      • Soft Materialism - Hick
        • One being- bodies with spiritual dimension but not dualisstic
        • Make up of humans is pyscho physical aka mind and DNA
        • Souls refer to characteristics aka behavioural dispositions


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