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  • Minority Influence
    • Consistency
      • diachronic- time
      • synchronic- same message
      • increases interest
    • Commitment
      • Augmentation Principle
      • extreme activities = risk = majority attention
    • Flexibility
      • Nemeth argued
      • required to not appear dogmatic and rigid
    • Evaluation
      • Research support for consistency
        • Moscovici: 32% gave wrong answer when minority were consistent
      • Research support for depth of thought
        • Martin et al: people were less willing to change opinion if they listened to minority group first
      • Artificial tasks
        • Low external validity
        • doesn't represent real life
    • Moscovici
      • In the first part of the experiment the two confederates answered green for each of the 36 slides. They were totally consistent in their responses.
      • In the second part of the experiment they answered green 24 times and blue 12 times.
      • 36 blue sides
      • Percentage green responses: 8.42% for consistent                              1.25% for inconsistent
    • Nemeth
      • Flexibility and compromise
      • When the consistent minority argued for a very low amount and refused to change his position, he had no effect on the majority.
      • when he compromised and moved some way towards the majority position, the majority also compromised and changed their view.


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