Millennium Develpoment Goals

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  • Millennium Develpoment Goals
    • Goals:
      • Goal 4= Reduce child mortality.
      • Goal 5= Improve marternal health.
      • Goal 3= Promote gender equality and empower women.
      • Goal 6= Combat HIV/AIDs, malaria and other diseases.
      • Goal 2= Achieve universal primary education.
      • Goal1= Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger.
      • Goal 7= Ensure environmental sustainablility.
      • Goal 8= Develop a global partnership for develpoment
    • In 2000 the United Nations set 8 goals.
      • These goals were aimed to promote human develpoment
      • Thery are known as mellenium development goals
    • Some countries have made good progress with these goals.
    • The proportion of hungary people has decreased y 20%.
    • In Sub-Saharan Africa the poverty rate remains above 50%
    • Death in children under 5 has fallen by 3 million.


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