Mill- Rule Utilitarianism

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  • Mill- Rule Utilitarianism
    • Rule Utilitarianism
      • People should follow and be guided by moral rules which in the past have shown to promote the greatest happiness for the greatest number.
    • Views on Bentham
      • Respected at first.
      • Stated he was 'a child all his life'.
      • Said his views were both infantile and cold.
      • Didn't reject it all- wanted to improve it, not destroy it.
    • Key Idea
      • individual wants, in terms of happiness, is what all human beings truly desire for themselves and for others.
    • Universalisabilty
      • Acceptable for all to act in that way.
        • Moral rules established- benefits society. +
        • Recognises minorities
    • Higher and lower pleasures
      • Intellectual pleasures better than physical.
        • Better to be a human dissatisfied than a pig satisfied.
      • Quality more important than quantity.
      • Adds qualitative to the Hedonic Calculus.


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