Milgram's variation study

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  • Milgram's variations.
    • Original study: 26 out of 40 (65%) of participants continues to the end.
    • 2 experimenters at 110V one tells the PP to stop and the other tells the PP to continue.
      • All participants stop
    • 3 teachers (2 confederates) one confederate stops at 150V and the other stops at 210V
      • Only 10% of the PPs continued to the end.
    • Experimenter's instructions are given by tape and the PP can speak to the experimenter by phone
      • 9 of the 40 (22.5%) continued to the end
    • Moving the victim closer until the PP held the victim's hand down to receive the shock.
      • 12 of the 40 PPs obeyed (30%)
    • Held in Research Associates of Bridgeport offices, in a fairly run down office building.
      • 19 of the 40 participants obeyed (47.5%)


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