Milgram's Variation study

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  • Milgram's Variation (Status - Uniform)
    • Aim
      • To see if levels of obedience were affected by changing the status of the authority figure
    • Procedure
      • Changed the uniform
        • Normal cloths
        • Lab coat
      • all other aspects were kept constant
    • Results
      • 20% of participants delivered full 450V
    • Conclusion
      • This study shows that...
        • not wearing  a symbol of scientific expertise decreases obedience
    • Evaluation
      • Generalisably
        • Difficult to generalise, small unrepresentative sample of 40 white american males aged 20-50. Findings may be culture dependant.
      • Reliability
        • Laboratory settings, standardised instructions. High reliability
      • Applications
        • Less likely to obey if authority figure is not wearing uniform
      • Cause and effect can be determined
      • Validity
        • low  ecological validity
          • Laboratory experiment, artificial setting, artificial task


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