Milgrams Agency Theory - Evaluation

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  • Milgrams Agency Theory (1974) - Evaluation
    • Explains why people do things such as the holocaust
      • They were in the agentic state
    • Bushman 1988
      • when motorist requested change for a parking meter
        • Change was more likely to be given if person was wearing a uniform
    • Hofling 1966
      • we obey authority figures because of the situation not the individual
    • Explains why we obey doctors regardless of their personality
    • House et al 1991
      • We obey people because of their personality
        • Cannot explain why some people don't obey authority
    • Difficult to prove scientifically
      • It is an abstract concept that we cannot measure phsically
    • Milgrams study of obedience
      • 65% of people gave the 450 volt shock
        • Supports the agency theory


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