Milgram Electrocution

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  • Milgram Electrocution
    • Aims
      • Investigate how situational context could lead to ordinary people inflicting harm on others
    • Procedure
      • 40 male participants 20-50 recruited through newspaper each paid $4.50
      • Laboratory experiment at Yale University participants told they would be teacher or student
      • Confederate was student and participant was teacher
      • Confederate was mild mannered 47 year old who said had heart complaint took into different room
      • Everytime student didn't know the answer teacher administered shock
      • Voltage ranged 15 volts- 450 volts labelled danger ***
      • Correct to start but started to make mistakes, participants encouraged to carry on by experimenter until refused or reached 450
    • Evaluation
      • Psychological harm as they thought really hurting someone
      • Deception could cause stress, demeaning to lie to them for reaserch
      • Only male aged 20-50, not representative
      • Not informed so found it hard to withdraw when wanted as they felt they had agreed
    • Findings
      • All participants continued up to 300 volts
      • 65% of participants continued to 450 volts
      • Contradicted assumed results of 3%
      • Milgram conducted variations to investigate causes he found
    • Conclusion
      • Obedience was more due to situational factors than deviant personality which contradicts the Germans are different hypothesis


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