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  • Milgram
    • investigation of the process of obedience and if ordinary people are capable of destructive behaviour due to authoritarian figures.
    • advert for 500 males reduced down to 40
    • yale uni - formal setting lab experiment
    • teacher (shocker) and a learner (shockee) - teacher is real participant, deceived into thinking learner was participant
    • 40 volunteers went to 300v - 5 then stopped then at 375v 9 more stopped and 26 went to the full voltage of 450
      • after 300v learner failed to respond  so was taken as a wrong answer
    • if reluctant to continuing prods were used to encourage to continue
    • useful - findings add to psychological knowledge and can tell us about obedience within things of the past, such as the holocaust
    • deception is outweighed as the results are more valid due to no demand characteristic
    • unethical - protection of participants, some had seizures which can lead to further psychological harm and long term effects


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