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  • Milgram
    • Aim
      • the process of obedience
      • to demonstrate the power of a legitimate authority figure even when the command requires destructive behaviour
    • Procedure
      • Cover story told to participants
        • looking at the effect of punishment on learning
      • Slips of paper drawn from a hat to decide who would play learner/ teacher
        • Both said teacher Mr Wallace pretended his said learner
      • Teacher and learner taken to a room where learner was strapped to chair
        • "to prevent learner from escaping"
        • Electrodes and paste applied
          • to prevent blisters/ burns
      • "Were the shocks painful?"
        • No permanent tissue damage would be cuased
        • Given a sample shock of 45v from battery
          • To convince ppts it was real
          • Only shock administered
      • Learner task- teacher  read word pairs to learner, which he then had to repeat
        • correct answer- teacher pressed light switch learner could see
        • Incorrect- teacher administered shocks in 15v increments
      • Shock generator look real
        • "shock generator type zlb dyson instrument company"
        • Labelled with voltages from 15 to 450 with slight shock to danger severe shock
      • Learner gave predetermined set of responses
        • 3 wrong to 1 right
        • At 300v learner pounded on wall and answers no longer appeared
        • 315v learner pounded on wall then fell silent
      • Experimenter gave standardised feed back
        • prod 1234 if refused to go on
        • "no response from learner?" treat this as an incorrect response and to shock learner
        • if the learner could suffer permanent physical injury"
          • although shocks may be painful there is no permanent tissue damage
        • Experiment ended if ppt walked out or 450v were administered
        • "The  learner did not want to go on"
    • Participants
      • 40 males
      • Aged 20-50
      • From new Haven USA
      • Wide range of occupations e.g clerks, labourors
    • Results
      • If administered 450v (obedient) if not (defiant)
      • 100% administered 300V
        • 5 refused to continue
      • 65% administered 450v
      • observerd to sweat , tremble, groan, laugh nervously, stutter, 3 had uncontrollable sezierures
    • Conclusion
      • Two distinct states of consciousness due to living in a hierarchical society (autonomous and agentic)
        • Most discomfort when we shift between states (agentic shift)
          • disobeying more difficult  then obeying
    • Background
      • Agentic state- acting as an agent for someone else resolving responsibility for own actions
      • Autonomous state- Acting according to own beliefs and values, responsible for own actions
    • DV's
      • Pod 1- please contiue
      • Prod 2- the experiment requires that you continue
      • Prod 3- It is absolutely essential that you must continue
      • Prod 4- you have no other choice you must go on


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