Milgram Variations

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  • Variations of Milgram's study
    • Uniform
      • In the original experiment, he experimenter wore a lab coat to highlight his authority
      • He did another variation in which the experimenter was called away before the experiment had started. The role was taken over by another confederate who was dressed in normal clothes
      • Obedience dropped by 20%
    • Change of location
      • The experiment was moved to an run down office block rather than Yale
      • Obedience dropped by 47.5%
    • Two teacher condition
      • When the participant could instruct the assistant to press the switches
      • 92.5% shocked to the maximum of 450V
      • When there is less personal responsibility, obedience increases
    • Touch proximity condition
      • The teacher had to force the learners hand down on to a shock plate but only when the teacher refused to shock the participant over 150V
      • Obedience fell to 30%
    • Social support condition
      • Two other participants (confederates) were also teachers but refused to obey
      • One of the confederates refused to carry on at 150V and the other at 210V
      • The presence of a dissenter who stands up against the authority figure reduces the levels of obedience by 10%
    • Absent experimenter condition
      • Its easier to resist the order from an authority figure if they are not close by
      • When the experimenter was prompted the teacher by telephone from another room, obedience fell by 20.5%
      • Many participants cheated and missed out shocks or gave less voltage than what was ordered


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