Milgram- situational variables affecting obedience

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  • Milgram- situational variables affecting obedience
    • Fake shock study
      • 40 male recruited by newspaper ad amd gave $4.50
      • Two confederates: experimenter and a 47 male volunteer particitpant
      • Lots were drew to see who was the teacher and who was the learner
        • Rigged so the real ppts was always the teacher
      • Teacher was requires to test the learner on his ability to remember word pairs. Each wrong answer = strong electrical shock
        • Starting at 15 volts to 450 volts in 15 volt incremetes
        • Mainly wrong answers and recieved shocks untill fell silent at 300 volts
          • Pounded the wall afterwards but didnt answer.
            • Verbal prods from experimenter to teacher = carry on
        • P = few woud go beyond 150V and only 3% 450V
        • F = 26/40 (65%) continued to 450V and all PPTs went to 300V
        • Label 'Danger: severe shock at 420 and *** at 450'
    • Variations
      • experimenter absent - 21%
      • Proximity - 40%
    • Ethical issues
      • Lack of concern for the wellbeing of PPTs
        • Deception was used = didnt know the true aim of the study
        • No form of consent was given from PPTs
          • No right to withdraw
            • Prods made it difficult
    • Experimenter bias
      • Despite learner crying out, experimentor was always calm making PPTs think that the learner was okay
        • Also paid = may have went along just for the money
      • True purpose of the experiment may be disguised
    • Generalisation
      • Only males were used so the infomation cant be generealised to women
    • Doctor study
      • Unkown doctors would phone up nurses and tell them to admister drugs to patients
        • This wasnt allowed yet 95% obeyed
        • Drug they didnt know about


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