Milgrams study

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  • MIlgram
    • sample
      • volunteers. 40 males aged between 20-50 from new haven and surrounding areas
    • procedure
      • the participants were always the teacher and an actor was the learner. the learner had to learn a list of word pairs and the teacher tested him. the teacher administered an electric shock every time the learner gave an incorrect answer , increasing the shock level at every wrong answer. (from 15v to 450v) the teacher was given a 45v shock to make the study appear realistic.
      • prod 1 - please continue    prod 2 - the experiment requires you to continue prod 3- it is absolutely essential that you continue   prod 4 - you have no choice but to continue
    • aim
      • researching how far people would go in obeying and instruction if it involved harming another
    • Lab experiment independent measures
    • conclusion
      • ordinary people are likely to follow an instruction by an authority figure as that's how we are brought up. e.g the police
    • results
      • 65% of participants continued to 450v.        all participants went to 300v


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